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Q: What makes Surfdogz racks better than other racks on the market?
A: Surfdogz racks are designed and tested to be strong (thick wood or HDE bases and steel tube support arms) good looking, easy to install (no assembly required) and priced fairly.
Q: What is HDPE?
A: High Density Polyethylene is a 90% recycled product – think ground up milk bottles.  It is the material that the California State Parks Department uses for its beach picnic tables.   It is heavy, strong, has an attractive smooth finish, and is impervious to weather.  We have it extruded to our requirements, then machine it in our shop to make our outdoor rack bases.
Q: Is the wood base or HDPE base rack stronger?.
A: Pretty much the same.
Q: Why do the rack pegs tilt up?
A: The pegs tilt up slightly (10 degrees) mainly for appearance.  It actually saves only a little space, but if racks are horizontal they give the appearance of sagging - even if they don’t.  It just looks right.
Q: Can I use my surfboard rack for my paddleboard too?  
A: NO.  A paddleboard – even a light one – puts tremendously more stress on the rack by moving the load out to the tip of the rack.  Surfboards on a paddleboard rack, of course, no problem.
Q: How is the rack mounted to the wall?
A: We provide ¼” hex head lag screws with our racks (Not little wood screws like the other guys).  These are intended to be driven into wall studs, to provide rock-solid security for your valuable boards.  
Q: What if I am mounting to a concrete or block wall?
A: Use the same lag screws provided with your racks, but drill ½” holes in the wall (masonry bit required) and insert  lead split shields in the wall.  These are available at any home improvement or hardware store.  Make sure your locations are accurate!
Q: Some racks are coming from china now.  What about Surfdogz racks?
A: No way.  We make each rack in our shop in California. (Since 1999)
Q: What if my rack doesn’t fit my wall, or something, and I want to return it.  
A: We don’t as a rule question returns, as long as the rack is returned unused and undamaged.  Return the rack in the original box and we will refund the price of the rack less 5% (we have to repackage it).  You do have to pay for the return shipping, of course.  We do ask that you contact us before sending an order back, to have the return authorized.
Q: Why don’t you build a four board SUP rack, like with the surfboard rack?
A: The SUP triple is the largest size we can ship without going oversize on shipping, which is much more expensive.  Note that SUP racks can be combined (no gap) for any number of boards.

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